NEW Capit Tyre Warmers Suprema Vision FR:120/17" RE:185-205

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The version Suprema Vision is the excellence of the tyrewarmers product. Equipped with side bands... more
Product information "NEW Capit Tyre Warmers Suprema Vision FR:120/17" RE:185-205"
The version Suprema Vision is the excellence of the tyrewarmers product. Equipped with side bands useful to radiate heat to the rim, it is unique thanks to the 36 pleats (18 per side) made to get the "spherical shape" or rather one form useful to copy perfectly the wheel profile and ensure the best fit of the tyrewarmer to the tire.

The Suprema Vision type is equipped with one control unit of ultra-compact size (only 8mm. thickness) integrated directly into the tyrewarmer. This console allows you to view the chosen operating temperature (T-set) as well as the current temperature (T-run) in both °C and °F. It also keeps both the part-time (Last time) that the total time (total time) of use of the product.

10 Reasons for choosing world champion tyrewarmers

WARNING! Do not trust imported products that display sewed or glued Italian flag! They are NOT Italian products: the real Italian ones have a ”Made in Italy” trademark directly printed on them. Always ask before purchasing to make sure of the real origin!
Why you have to use tyrewarmers ? :

Your next Better grip - Until tyres get up to the correct temperature, they are inflexible and the lack of grip can lead to sliding or even a crash. Going out on tyres at the correct temperature will give you better grip and confidence turning the bike into corners, accelerating progressively and allow you to be more in control.

Your great new performance - By going out on preheated tyres, you will be able to put in faster lap times more quickly. For racers this saves valuable seconds and places in the first few laps. Track day enthusiasts will get more out of their day by not wasting up to 50% of their valuable laps warming up cold tyres.

Make your tyres last longer - Warming up tyres on the road/track as opposed to going out with preheated tyres results in surface rubber being removed as the temperature rises. The discarded surface rubber forms little balls at the working edge. This Cold Tearing or Cold Shredding reduces the life of the tyre. Tyre warmers can pay for themselves by saving you the cost of several sets of tyres per season. CHOOSE QUALITY CHOOSE ONLY CAPIT.

This model has been designed to offer one practical product that still maintains the efficiency required to both amateur as well as professional use. The balance quality-price is one of the best in the world: with a standard price it grants reliability and durability thanks to features as our exclusive "TNT" self-adjusting technology or silicone supply cable. Available in different sizes (from MINIMOTO to the MOTOGP).

  • Please select the desired color.
  • suitable for tyre sizes from: FRONT:120/17" and REAR:185-205/16-17
  • - The tire temperature can be set direct between 40°C and 110°C
  • - 40% more heating power compared to competitors
  • - Simple shape and handling
  • - Each tire warmers has a separate identification code
  • - CE approved
  • - Individual labeling possible
  • - Included an elegant nylon bag is included for transport
  • - 230 volts / 500 watts maximum power
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