Shipping Costs

The packaging and shipping costs for shipments within Germany is € 5,99 flat rate including VAT.
In germany we supply from a order over 150.00 € onwards without shipping costs.

Europe - EU and switzerland
For shipments to a member country of the European Union, we calculate postage and packaging costs in the amount of € 13.90 including VAT. Delivery to switzerland costs 15,04 €. For deliveries to Switzerland and deliveries outside the EU, VAT is not charged by us.

Europe - non-EU
For shipment to other countries in Europe, which no Member State of the European Union, shipping costs in the amount of € 22.61 € exclusive VAT will be charged.

We point out that arise for deliveries to countries outside the European Union (third countries) additional customs fees or taxes to which shall be borne by the buyer.
For all countries outside the European Community, when you buy in our shop all prices are exclusive of VAT.
The tax or customs fees the buyer pays for imports into his country.